Take a look at our suite of fundable Construction and the Built Environment qualifications, which are available for first teaching in Wales from September 2021.

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Available from September 2021

Qualifications and titles are in development and subject to change.

The Foundation in Construction and the Built Environment qualification provides a broad introduction to construction and the built environment. It has been developed for individuals working in or intending to work, in the sectors. It is aimed at learners in work-based learning, further education, and school 6th forms. This qualification will enable learners to go on to study a range of other Level 2 or 3 construction courses relevant to their trade interest area.

It may be taken either as a full-time programme of learning that is usually delivered over one year, or as a part-time programme of learning as part of an apprenticeship framework.


It is suitable for:

  • learners aged 16+ currently working in or intending to work in the construction and built environment sector
  • site operatives who want to widen their knowledge, understanding and skills in the sector more generally.

Learners will need to have achieved, or be working towards their Level 2 Essential Skills English and Maths (or equivalent). There are no other additional entry requirements for this qualification.

All learners will complete six ‘core’ units which holistically cover:

  • an introduction to the construction and built environment sectors,
  • employment and employability skills; and
  • health and safety.

In addition to these ‘core’ units, learners will choose two pathways to spend additional time learning, which will include planning, performing and evaluating common tasks.

Note: As the consultation process and qualification design progresses the titling of the following pathways are subject to change.


  • Working with brick, block and stone
  • Wood occupations
  • Painting and decorating
  • Plastering and interior systems
  • Plumbing and domestic heating
  • Roofing occupations
  • Electrotechnical systems and equipment
  • Construction operations and civil engineering services
  • Plant operations (under discussion).

This qualification supports learners to develop an introductory knowledge and understanding of:

  • the built environment life cycle, the job roles within it, and the dependencies between people performing those roles
  • how to promote and sustain health and safety for oneself and others; and
  • employability skills relevant to future work.

The qualification consists of 540 Guided Learning Hours. Learners can complete this qualification across one full year before continuing to the Progression qualification.

When learners go directly into an apprenticeship they can complete the Foundation qualification alongside the apprenticeship part-time. Learners need to complete the Foundation qualification before they can complete their apprenticeship.

Note: As part of the consultation process, discussions are underway on how the Foundation qualification forms part of an apprenticeship.

All learners will complete the six ‘core’ units and two pathway units.

To achieve this qualification, learners must complete:

  • one externally set, externally marked multiple-choice test
  • one externally set, internally marked project covering two trade areas
  • one externally set, internally marked guided discussion
  • one externally set, internally marked health and safety test.

On completion, the qualification will provide a broad foundational knowledge across the construction or built environment industry as well as introductory knowledge and skills in two chosen pathways. The qualification provides the knowledge to progress on to further study:

  • Progression in Construction Level 2 – City & Guilds
  • Progression in Building Services Engineering Level 2 – EAL
  • Construction Level 3 Two-year (trade area) – City & Guilds
  • Construction Level 3 Three-year (trade area) – City & Guilds
  • Building Services Engineering Level 3 Three-year (trade area) – EAL
  • Building Services Engineering Level 3 Four-year (trade area) – EAL

The qualification provides sufficient knowledge for learners to progress into an apprenticeship within the sector in their choice of trade.

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